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Staging Your Home

It’s Called “Staging” a Home. And It’s Such a Key to Kristi Jo’s Ability to Get Homes Sold for Top Dollar!

The way to get the highest and most qualified offers for your home sale is to make sure prospective Buyers fall in love with your home and envision themselves living there. This is best accomplished by “staging” the home so it stands out from all competing homes. A big part of Kristi Jo’s successful career as a RealtorĀ® is her keen eye and her ability to stage a home so it shines as buyers walk through it.

Staging may mean just rearranging furniture. It might mean removing some pieces of furniture, and going through the home and removing clutter. It also might mean removing all or most of your cherished family photos and memorabilia. “The goal is to help the buyer envision himself or herself living in the home,” explains Kristi Jo. “And if there are too many of YOUR personal items around, this hinders the buyers’ ability to feel like they can call it THEIR home.”

Kristi Jo knows how to showcase a home to shine at its best, and this attracts the most qualified and highest offers. It’s just one of the ways Kristi Jo helps you accomplish your real estate goals. Selling your home? Go ahead, call Kristi and Cement the Deal with Block!