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Hobby Farms

Kristi Knows Hobby Farms

There is a growing trend with people looking to buy and live on a hobby farm. These individuals are looking to fulfill a unique lifestyle, and this real estate sector is quite unique in itself. Kristi currently lives on a ranch and has boarded horses for over 25 years. She also grew up on a working farm, and has managed, owned and bought and sold farms. She knows this world.

With this extensive expertise, as well as her years working in the farm/land auction business and her keen real estate insights, she is highly qualified to help you with your Hobby Farm purchase or sale. If you are looking for your own hobby farm, or you have a hobby farm you are ready to sell, call her today at 320-894-4477 to set up a no-obligation consultation to discuss your unique real estate needs.

Meeting to Discuss Hobby Farm Sale or Purchase


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